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Multi Family Mafia



First of all thank you for your support. I truly hope people understand the vision behind the show. I want to give you REAL real estate without the filter most guru's have. I want to share actual information that has been applied in my own business and in the businesses of the 1,000 + people I have mentored.



Jan 14, 2019

There's a long list of things the guru's leave out.

I'm going to relate today's episode to direct mail marketing.

This could also apply to cold calling and bandit signs.




Jan 7, 2019

My Focus in 2019.

Adding Parallels 

Building companies.

Dominating markets

Book Mentioned: Radius by Pejman Ghadimi

Tv Series: The Men Who Built America


Dec 31, 2018

I challenge you to a race, winner get's $1,000,000

Loser get's NOTHING!

Sounds appealing right?

How does this relate to business?

Dec 24, 2018

WOW! What a freaking insane year.

Lot accomplished...but hold my beer and watch what we do in 2019

Dec 17, 2018

These tactics have been around for a long time

however few people in real estate are effectively creating this

distinction on the phone when they are talking to a potential seller.

Pay close attention to the gap we are distinguishing and how we

bridge that to create a bullet proof closing