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Multi Family Mafia



First of all thank you for your support. I truly hope people understand the vision behind the show. I want to give you REAL real estate without the filter most guru's have. I want to share actual information that has been applied in my own business and in the businesses of the 1,000 + people I have mentored.



Mar 30, 2018

Everyone wants to flip! The thought of that 20, 30, 40k Check is SEEEEXY. 

What about holding? Why do most millionaires hold real estate rather than fixing and flipping?

What's the benefit of holding vs flipping?

Mar 26, 2018

As if my last podcast wasn't offensive enough...

Let's talk about the people who hate paying for education, mentorship, training, coaches, tools, systems etc...

What's the common denominator of these folks? What's the common denominator of Rich people?

How do we avoid getting "scammed"

Mar 23, 2018

Oh boy, this one is going to get me in trouble

*Warning* Probably going to offend you.

*Warning* Offensive language used.

Why do real estate agents and wholesalers hate each other?

Mar 19, 2018

Jordan i'm a wholesaler

I fix and flip.

I'm a real estate agent


Uh huh.....then what?

Mar 16, 2018

The morning routines of Millionaires

Daily Schedules of top producing CEO's

Studies show most millionaires wake up at _____