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Multi Family Mafia



First of all thank you for your support. I truly hope people understand the vision behind the show. I want to give you REAL real estate without the filter most guru's have. I want to share actual information that has been applied in my own business and in the businesses of the 1,000 + people I have mentored.



Nov 26, 2018

I get it, your comfort zone encourages you to embrace and surround yourself with other "Similar people".

You hang out together,

Encourage each other,

Give each other advice,

Enable each other....

100% the wrong approach if you want to win.


Nov 19, 2018

Well, it finally happened. I got hacked by the legend himself Tyler Sheff with Cash Flow Guys podcast. Guess I need to up my security a bit around here.

Nov 12, 2018

If you listen to me for a few minutes here you can get financially free within a few months. Bullshit? Nope, you just have to implement and do the work.

This marketing strategy is 100% free.

The acquisition isn't going to require a bank or good credit.

You will have some upfront cost but it's 10x cheaper than anything...

Nov 5, 2018

"Often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence" Do you STINK?

Let's change that shit ASAP~